Rent Free Propylene Gas (Stargas Stockists)


10 Litre Cylinder

New & Full €195.00 / Refills €95.00

20 Litre Cylinder

New & Full €306.00 / Refills €156.00

(Rent Free Propylene “Acetylene” Gas)

Stargas Stockists


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Propylene is one of the cleanest burning, easiest to use, best performing and safest fuels available. With most products you have to pay extra to get the best, but with Propylene you get this high level of quality and still save money. The average cost of Propylene is typically 50% lower than the cost of acetylene.

The versatility of Propylene means that you only need to buy one fuel for many jobs. Propylene can be used for hand cutting, machine cutting, flame hardening, metalizing, brazing, soldering, welding, pre-heating and stress relieving.